Do you want to know the best way to keep your esky chilled without your food going soggy from the melted ice?


  • 75mm X 75mm cells - Hydrates to 1.2 kg which is 40% heavier than our competitors!
  • 2 - 11 day application - Stays frozen for days if used at a ratio of 1 dry gel ice pack per 10L of ice box capacity.
  • Can be frozen to -190 degrees Celsius - which is double the temperature of dry ice.
  • Re-usable - which means if you look after it, it will last on many picnic / fishing / camping trips to come.
  • Lasts 6-8 times longer than the same volume of block ice - without your food going soggy from the melted ice pools which form at the bottom of the ice box.
  • Manufactured in AUSTRALIA
  • Can be cut to size and bent to shape - all of our ice packs come with perforations to make it easier to cut or wrap to your desired shape. The individual cells can also be cut out in to cubes for use in lunch boxes.


The key ingredient of the Chillco dry gel ice pack is Sodium Polyacrylate which is an amazing water absorber. It can absorb 200 to 300 times its own weight in tap water (even more if the water is distilled) and stores it in a gel form. The benefit of this is that the gel does not release any fluid so you can create an ice substitute which doesn't thaw like normal block ice does.

In other words, when the Chillco dry gel ice pack eventually thaws out, you won’t have any melted ice water at the base of your ice box. Chillco dry gel ice packs are a combination of polyester and a non woven fabric which holds the Sodium Polyacrylate powder in the cells. When it is soaked in water it absorbs measured quantities of water which can be frozen and used to replace block ice.

The end result is "ice" which doesn't leave melted ice pools and provides very efficient cooling abilities.

The dry gel ice packs remain flexible once frozen. This means it can easily wrap around the interior walls of an ice box cooler as well as individual bottles and cans. The polymer used is a non toxic and compliant for direct food contact. No more need for block ice anymore!

The Chillco Dry Gel Ice packs are now recognised as one of the most advanced ice packs available on the market due to their ability to freeze as cold as the freezers capability, not to -1 or just below as block ice does. The colder the freezer, the colder the ice pack, the longer it lasts. In fact, if you had a freezer that could freeze to -190 degrees Celsius, then your Chillco dry gel ice pack would also freeze to -190 degrees Celsius. Try and beat that! Having said that, if you touch an ice pack that cold, your fingers would probably snap off like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator. So you probably don’t want it to be as cold as that. A normal domestic freezer freezes to -18 degrees Celsius and that will be more than enough for everyday usage.


Our ice packs are supplied dehydrated which means they are as light as a few pieces of paper and make it easy to post. When soaked in luke warm water for 10 minutes, they create an incredible 1.2kg ice pack unlike other dry ice packs that only hydrate to 860 grams! Our packs have larger cell sizes at 75mm X 75mm, others are only 64mm X 70mm or even smaller! Unlike other similar products on the market, our Chillco dry gel ice packs have polyester both sides of which one side is slotted to allow for faster hydrating.

They are re-usable, clean and hygienic. Our customers tell us that they hydrate quicker than our competitor’s ice packs and they won’t stick together when stacking in the freezer.

So, larger cell sizes, faster hydrating, re-usable, clean, hygienic and a hydration capacity 40% heavier than our competitors, your search for the perfect dry ice pack is over. It really is a no brainer!