Ice Coolers & Esky Ice Boxes & Chilly Bins

Expect the Best with Chillco’s Ice Box Coolers & Chilly Bins

With summer come soaring temperatures and the rising need to gulp beers, sodas and other delicious thirst quenchers. Now picnicing and beach visits can be aided with the help of Chillco’s ice box coolers, the best way to keep drinks cold without having to deal with puddles of melted ice and the added weight of that water.

Varying Capacities

At Chillco Coolers, we understand that you might be catering to a large party or just a small private family affair. For your convenience we stock varying capacities of ice coolers & chilly bins. Starting from a small 30 Litre box all the way up to an 800 Litre cooler. So you just have to choose which one will be best suitable for your needs. The larger ice boxes have longer ice retention than the smaller ice boxes. Your drinks will remain chilled for ages!

Unmatched Standard

At Chillco Coolers we always attempt to provide the best for our customers. Our ice cooler ice boxes are made with the highest quality materials and workmanship. In fact we are so sure of the quality that we offer a lifetime warranty! Using a few simple tricks you can have a marvelous time even in hot weather with plenty of cool drinks to keep you hydrated. If you pre-chill the Chillco Cooler overnight using dry ice packs, this will assist in keeping the goods chilled for a longer time. So you can be ready to enjoy many days of icy cold drinks

The Magic of Dry Gel Ice Packs / Dry Ice Packs

Chillco Coolers provide our customers with the very best of cooling techniques with dry ice packs. These can keep the food colder during hot summer months. They can be used again and again and cost a fraction as compared to what other long term use products would normally cost. The special polymer is stored in independent cells made from completely non-toxic material which allows for direct contact with food. They also come in varying size packs. So when you buy ice box at Chillco Coolers, try our gel ice packs which will keep food and beverages colder for longer and are reusable many times over. With the low prices, you can buy as much as you want without blowing your budget.